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At Your Home Education, we pride ourselves on providing a unique educational experience for our pupils.

Your Home Education is an online homeschooling and tutoring platform dedicated to providing students with the support, knowledge and education they need to feel confident in themselves. Not every child has career dreams for the future. But, with the guidance of our tutors, we can help your children see their future more clearly and with confidence. We also pride ourselves on offering a wide range of tutoring options for adults too.

We are dedicated to providing an enriched learning environment where students feel engaged and excited to learn. Our unparalleled curriculum and teaching methods are what take our students to the next level in their education and approach the future with optimism.

One of the most important things you can give your child is a quality education. With many parents seeing the benefits of homeschooling, you might be considering this option too. The quality of education isn’t affected by the online platform but enhanced as our live lessons are available to watch back for your children to absorb more information.

Here at Your Home Education, we can provide your children with an education that offers many advantages, such as strengthening their English skills and growing a portfolio of transferable skills through project-based learning. Our expert tutors teach from the Cambridge Curriculum, ensuring high-quality education throughout the year.

A Supportive Environment

You might think that online homeschooling may be too much of a change for your child, but in fact, it can be more engaging and inspiring for students who typically hate their education. By letting your child learn in the comfort of their own home, they may feel more comfortable and confident in engaging with lessons and participating with their tutoring.

Students are organised into houses, where they can interact with other students during breaks and class. House Parents will explain to the parents and child how to move with ease around the online teaching platform, from joining a Google classroom to loading up the various software needed.

The day begins registering with your house before starting with your first lesson of the day. We value face-to-face online teaching with the tutor where the parent and child will be told the lesson objectives. Lessons then include activities like starters and recaps to ensure knowledge is being retained. Through our use of technology like Google Docs, students can split the screen and see their tutor while completing tasks or a quiz. Students are also able to make notes and ask private questions to their tutor.

In line with our mission of making engaging lessons, there is a group element in every lesson, where the students can engage with one another. This could be a Kahoot quiz or working on a task as a group in a breakout room. Lessons then end with the setting of homework tasks before students go on to attend their next class.

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A considerable part of what makes us successful is the caring and supportive environment we create for our students and parents.

Tomorrow Starts Now.

It is our mission to create an online learning programme that engages and inspires every single student. We want our students to think about how they can achieve their goals by what they do today. Each lesson is a step in the right direction to a successful future. With our well-thought-out lessons, expert tutors and top-quality online learning system, we can ensure that your child is engaging with every lesson throughout the school day.

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