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Academic Requirements

When enrolling at Your Home Education, we would prefer to have a copy of your child’s last report. This would ensure we understand if there are any learning barriers your child has so we can provide the right support and put plans in place to meet their needs. The earlier you can provide this copy, the quicker we can get these plans in place and make your child’s learning experience as great as it can be.

Enrollment Process

Enrollment is an easy process at Your Home Education. Get in touch with us for an informal, no-obligation chat by filling out the form. During this chat, we can answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your child’s education. When you are ready to enrol your child, there is a £300 enrollment fee which covers the account set up, admin costs and diagnostic testing.

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Kids using Home Education School

Sibling Groups

As a parent of multiple children, it can be tough sourcing the money for their education. We understand this problem and strive to support parents of a sibling group. We offer a generous discount for siblings enrolling at Your Home Education so that every child can experience the outstanding online learning platform. Contact Admissions today for a no-obligation quote.

Diagnostic Testing

What is diagnostic testing? It is a tool we use to aid your child’s learning and make their homeschooling experience tailored to their specific needs. The test looks into all areas of cognitive ability to get a broad picture of your child’s learning needs. We use diagnostic testing when your child enrols to provide a starting point for their education at Your Home Education. The results also enable your child’s teachers to gain a better understanding of their needs and support them in any areas where they need it.

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