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Creative Learning: The Benefits

Children are as unique as snowflakes in every aspect of their lives, especially education. There will be some who love learning, no matter the subject, others who only feel engaged with specific topics, and some children who despise the idea of education altogether. Each student will have different likes and dislikes, motivations and inspirations when in the classroom. But, there is one sure way that you can ensure your child feels more engaged in the classroom.

Creative learning is a great way to adapt the classroom and engage a wide range of students who are studying at different levels. By encouraging engagement with content through creative activities and lessons, your child can find passion in their education and gain a willingness to learn.

However, mainstream education still isn’t fully adopting this method of teaching on the whole. Many teachers understand the benefits of creative learning, but one classroom can’t have the same impact on all students. But, at Your Home Education, we understand the importance of creative learning. We inject this method of teaching into our unique lesson plans, ensuring all of our online students feel capable in their education. Please keep reading to learn more about creative learning and why it is so crucial for encouraging students to feel passionate about learning.

What is Creative Learning?

Creative learning is the act of gaining knowledge and skills using creative processes and activities in the classroom. Opposed to memorising information, creative learning enables a student to retain information through creative solutions, stories, solutions, analysis and activities. These different processes allow students to feel engaged with their education as they find it easier to learn through creativity rather than forced memorisation. They also encourage students to be innovative and learn new things, allowing them to grow up as good communicators through the improvement of emotional, as well as intellectual, development.

We adopt creative practices and activities into our unique teaching methods and lesson plans. We understand the importance of making students feel engaged in their lessons to increase their willingness to actively participate in their learning. Our tutors ensure there is an activity in every lesson which presents students with the opportunity to inject creativity into their work, either alone or as a group.

Makes Learning Fun

Research has found that creative learning makes education more fun for students, allowing them to learn faster and increase their performance. Creative activities can help students retain information better, as it is associated with fun tasks rather than forced into their memory. This means fewer recap tasks or lessons for teachers, allowing them to move on to new topics quicker. Teachers can get more done in a day, and students have more time to learn before tests without sacrificing aspects of the curriculum.

Creative learning does precisely what it says – make learning creative, and through this, it makes education less of a chore and more engaging. This method of teaching is based around developing activities which train the brain and expand knowledge and skills without subjecting students to boring lectures, textbook copying and memorising data.

Lowers Dislike for Subjects

40% of people in one survey stated that mathematics was their least favourite subject at school. This can be attributed in part to the lack of creativity in mathematics lessons, with activities often based around copying work and questions out of a textbook. However, research has shown that student’s dislike for science, mathematics and social studies subjects can be diminished by including more creative lesson activities.

By introducing creative learning into ‘boring’ subjects like mathematics and science, the dislike for these lessons will lower. If every lesson incorporated creative learning, then the education of every student in that institution could be improved on the whole. We understand this concept at Your Home Education and strive to make each online lesson as engaging and creative as possible for our students – even in our virtual mathematics and science lessons.

Improves Student Achievement

If students are more engaged in lessons, are beginning to love the previously boring subjects and are having fun, then there should no surprise to see student achievement improving. Research has shown that teachers who combine creativity with their assignments and increase their use of technology are seeing even better student results.

If you think more could be done to support your child’s education and engage them in their lessons, then contact us today. Our unique use of creative learning, the Cambridge Curriculum and well-thought-out lesson plans ensure students are having fun throughout their education. Not only are student’s more satisfied, but their assignment results and reports can show improvements as a result of creativity too.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about our online school and tutoring services. No matter the reason for wanting to homeschool your child, we can provide the online lessons and support they need to feel capable in their education and achieve the qualifications they need for further education and future careers.

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