Education for Children on the Move

Education for Children on the Move

When a child isn’t able to settle in one place for long, it can be disruptive to not only their friendships and comfort but their education too. Shifting from one school to the next throughout the years can severely impact the way they learn. They could be moving from one curriculum to the next, learning information they won’t need for exams, or missing vital topics required for their GCSEs or A-levels.

Please keep reading if you are always on the move and are concerned about the impact on your child’s education. At Your Home Education, we know the benefits of homeschooling for students who don’t have the opportunity to stay in one school throughout their educational career. 

By being able to study one curriculum on a steady schedule and socialise with other students, this ensures that your child receives the education they deserve. In the end, they can take their exams and achieve the UK qualifications they need to settle into a successful career in the UK later in their adult life.

Common Situations When Children Are On The Move

There are many reasons why a family may be on the move across the country or even continents. TV shows like Stranger Things show the growing opportunities child actors have for becoming massive stars at a young age. When acting, it can be common to travel for filming, promotional gigs and auditions. If your child is facing any of these scenarios, then you could be travelling to a new part of the world every other month – or even week. This could cause them to miss out on a lot of their education, with days off school to travel and work.

Young athletes could be facing a similar situation, with travel necessary to compete in various competitions across the world.

Alternatively, it could be you or another parent who requires the family to travel around the globe. Military parents, salespeople, interpreters, event managers and politicians are just a few examples of people who may have to travel regularly for their work. Many parents want to take their children with them so they can enjoy new cultures and countries. In 2018, 8 million business trips were taken from the UK. These can range from a few days to potentially months or years out of the UK for work. The impact this can have on your child’s education can be considered adverse unless the necessary decisions are made to give them a stable, top-quality education anywhere in the world.

Keep to a Schedule

Homeschooling is a great way to keep your children on a school schedule no matter where they are located or how often they move from one place to another. Structure in a school day ensures your child stays focused on their school work and are engaged with their studies. There are fewer distractions during their schoolwork, allowing them to retain more information. 

At Your Home Education, we understand the importance of sticking to a schedule. Our school days are structured similar to that of traditional schooling with a homeroom, lessons, a break time, lunchtime and even after school clubs. However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t flexible. Just get in contact with us to learn more about how we can accommodate your children, so they are still able to take part in lessons and have top-quality education.

Socialisation with Peers

Socialisation is a massive part of the school experience. Being able to surround yourself with new and different people, practice your communication skills and make friends are all important parts of growing into a well-adjusted, compassionate and hard-working adult. Without this time for socialisation, your child can miss out on gaining experience developing these skills. Travelling the world can make it hard for your child to interact with other students their age, and you may start to feel concerned about their personal development.

Online school can be the answer you need. You may be wondering, how can your child socialise with others when they are learning at home? But with our online learning platform, your child can connect with students their own age, learning and socialising for hours a day. Their personal development can continue without a hitch, as they prepare themselves for adult life. We have Houses and homerooms which provide our students with the space to interact with one another and make lasting friendships with other children thousands of miles away.

UK Qualifications

When children are moving, unable to stay in the UK for their education, you need to ensure you are finding a way for them to gain the qualifications they need for further education or a career. GCSEs and A-levels ensure your child can progress through education or apprenticeships to enter their chosen career field. But how can your child acquire these if they spend months in Australia, Japan or maybe even the US?

At Your Home Education, we understand the benefits of having UK qualifications for when your family relocates to the UK or your child settles down there later in life. Our online school enables your child to study the Cambridge Curriculum no matter where they are in the world. With our GCSE classes and A-level tutoring, your child will be prepared to take UK exams to gain their much-needed qualifications.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about Your Home Education and the tutoring services that we can offer your family. No matter where you are in the world, we can be flexible and ensure your children still receives a top-quality education. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to learn more about homeschooling and how we can make it work for you.

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