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Burning Questions?

If you wish to learn more about how we work at Your Home Education or have some burning questions, then take a look at the following frequently asked questions. If you have a query you can’t find here, please don’t hesitate to fill out a form and have a no-obligation chat with us about everything homeschooling and how we can support your child.

Education should be about more than just sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. Children are future adults, and so need to be taught in a way that they gain the skills necessary to carry out any job they wish to pursue. Project work can be a massive part of many jobs across different industries. By utilizing project work in our educational plans, we can give children the experience they need to feel confident and capable. The practical experience, combined with their top-grades, provide them with the relevant skill sets and qualifications they need to achieve greatness in later life.

Our pricing plans start at €150 per month - a price which includes homeschooling support in the core areas of Maths, Science, English and Computer Science. If your child has more intense needs like full-time homeschooling, GCSE or A-Level support, then take a look at our pricing plans for a full breakdown of prices and inclusions. The costs are per-child, but if you get in contact with us, we can offer a generous sibling discount.

Seeing is believing - and we won't stop you from seeing the power of homeschooling yourself. Before you enrol, your child will be able to partake in a trial class free of charge. This will give them and you the opportunity to see if homeschooling is the perfect fit for their needs. The trial class will commence as though they were in a regular class, so while you are observing, we ask that you respect the needs of the other students present and save any questions or observations for your talk with the admissions adviser.

Here at Your Home Education, we want to ensure all students feel confident and capable in their studies. Not every student is suited to the intense environment of mainstream schooling. By providing an online learning platform for homeschool lessons, we allow your child to learn in the comfort of their own home. The day is structured very similarly to mainstream schooling with a register, lessons, break and lunchtimes. Our lessons are well-thought-out and planned in line with the Cambridge Curriculum and our teaching morals. We value creativity, engagement, and group work highly as to foster intellectual, social and mental growth. Our top-quality tutors can privately answer students' questions throughout the lesson as well as address whole-group needs through activities and homework.

For one hour a week per core subject (English, Maths, Science and Computer Science), your child will partake in self-directed study. This gives them the time to engage with peers in their house 'common-room' online under the guidance of the self-study tutor. What they partake in varies week to week, but could include a research project or a revision task they tackle on their own or with their peers.

We value self-directed study highly here at Your Home Education as we believe it helps prepare our students for future life. School should not be about just learning facts and figures, but also enabling students to learn life skills such as self-reliance, team-working and social skills. By providing a few hours a week where they are set tasks alone or in groups, they can take agency and have control over their learning, helping them consider future pathways for their education and career choices.

There are many reasons why a student would be suited to online homeschooling over mainstream education. It can be personal preference, an issue of engagement or bullying, or a decision because of their specific learning needs. For international students, obtaining a British education may be necessary as it immerses them in the language and thus improves their skills, helping them prepare for study at a British university and get IELTS certified.

For students who travel the world like actors or military kids, having consistency in their education can help ensure their grades stay high, and they remain engaged with their lessons. Online homeschooling also provides them with the opportunity to create social connections that would otherwise have been broken when the time came to move again. No matter your schedule, Your Home Education will have a class that you can attend, as our school day is longer and more flexible than that of traditional schools.

The enrolling fee enables the school to set up the accounts of your child, which they need to use as part of their day-to-day schooling. It also covers the admin costs associated with enrollment and their onboarding testing, which is vital for helping us understand their needs. These tests give the teacher an in-depth look into how your child learns and what areas they may need extra support in. This is a vital test we must carry out for every student if we are to continue providing the outstanding homeschooling lessons we promise every student.

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