Homeschooling vs Traditional Education: The Impact of Covid-19

Homeschooling vs Traditional Education: The Impact of Covid-19

In one survey, a quarter of UK parents said they didn’t want to send their children back to school in the autumn term. This isn’t shocking as many schools haven’t been very forthcoming about the precautions they will be putting in place to protect the hundreds of students coming through their doors.

There are many reasons why you may be scared to send your child back to school. Parents can be worried because their child or other family members are vulnerable, they are concerned about another peak or annoyed at the lack of safety precautions in the school.

However, you shouldn’t let your fears prevent your child from gaining the top-quality education they deserve. You might not have thought about it, but your child could be scared of heading back into the hallways themselves, with Covid-19 presenting a risk to their health. Online homeschooling ensures that they feel safe and comfortable in their own home as well as continue their education uninterrupted.

Please keep reading to learn more about Your Home Education and how homeschooling can become the new normal for your child’s education if you are scared of the effects of Covid-19.

The Impact on Education

Education has been significantly impacted as a result of Covid-19 with schools ending early to ensure the safety of their students during the virus’ peak. With students being home for months more than usual during spring and summer, they have missed out on vital lessons and learning. So, we should be excited to send our kids back and let them restart their education again, right?

Well, Covid-19 is still having a detrimental effect on their education and will continue to do so until there is a break-through with a vaccine or treatment. Schools and the government haven’t been very clear with what they will do in the long run to protect students. Many schools have discussed bringing in different years on different days, while others have everyone entering the school at once. The lack of consistency in schooling is evident and very frustrating for parents who want to know what to do to keep their children safe.

Lack of Precautions

Even the government hasn’t been very clear about what they think is best for UK students when returning to school. PM Johnson changed his mind on children wearing masks in schools. Previously, he followed Scotland in their decision to make mask-wearing mandatory, but now he only asks schools with local lockdowns to enforce this. As a result, schools in lockdown areas will ask staff and pupils to wear face coverings when moving around the building and in communal areas where social distancing is challenging to maintain. However, masks will not be mandatory in schools elsewhere in the country, in the classroom or out of it.

This doesn’t stop schools from introducing personal policies that require masks even if they aren’t located in areas that are in a local lockdown. It can be very confusing for parents who aren’t receiving any information on what their child needs to do. Also, parents may be upset over the lack of precautions in their school, with their child able to socialise with hundreds of other students up-close without social distancing or masks.

At-Home Learning

Whether your child is vulnerable or you want to make sure they are safe, at-home learning is an excellent choice for families concerned about Covid-19. Homeschooling ensures they are not in an environment where they don’t feel safe and protected from the virus. Instead, they are in the comfort of their home where they can continue their education without fear or concern.

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be a massive shift from their traditional schooling either. At Your Home Education, we have a structured school day that ensures your child has a smooth and stress-free transition during their change in education provider. They have the chance to socialise with other students their age without the risk, as well as innovative and engaging classes in their favourite subjects like languages, history and geography in our Primary, Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level lessons.

Top Quality Education

Have you ever thought about how the mindset of the teachers may impact your child’s education? Teachers going back into schools may also be very concerned about their health during this time – as expected. This could be a distraction for them, making them less focused on work and reluctant to do one-to-one up close tutoring during the class. This isn’t something you should blame them for, as they have every right to be worried that they could catch Covid-19 from their workplace. However, as a parent, you want your child’s education to continue as usual despite the virus to ensure they have a bright future and reach their full potential.

You can achieve this by transferring your child to online school. At Your Home Education, our tutors are working from home, using this space to bring top-quality education to your child. They have fewer fears surrounding contracting Covid-19 at work and therefore, more space in their mind to plan engaging and creative lessons. The online learning platform we use to host our classes allows teachers to answer student questions, run quizzes, share videos and text work, assign homework and even have one-to-one time with your child.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about Your Home Education and how we can ensure your child is safe without sacrificing their education. Our online learning platform means your child can still socialise with other students and gain the education they deserve during this confusing and dangerous time. Our website has lots of information about the various online lessons and packages we have available to suit you and your child’s needs, so get in touch today to find out more.

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