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House Boudicca

Fearless and Driven

Not every student feels driven to actively participate in their education and strive for the best. With supportive tutors and a relaxed environment, our students can learn to be fearless learners ready to achieve throughout life. House Boudicca represents our desire to make our students feel confident and capable in their education.

House Leonidas

Inquisitive and Creative

We believe all students can be curious about their education when provided with the right support and motivation. At Your Home Education, we breathe fire into this curiosity, allowing our students to explore subjects with renewed excitement and creativity. House Leonidas represents the creativity and ingenuity of our programmes to inspire inquisitive responses from our students.

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House Pendragon

Fiery and Determined

To succeed, we need to be determined and ready to fight for our opportunities. At Your Home Education, we provide our students with the top-quality education they need to feel determined to excel in life. House Pendragon represents the fight within us for giving students the motivation they need to participate in quality education to prepare themselves for the future

House Zenobia

Passion and Flair

When students are passionate about a subject, they excel and achieve more. Here at Your Home Education, we want to see the passion in every student for their education. With a top-quality curriculum and outstanding online learning platform, we provide engaging lessons to suit every student’s needs. House Zenobia represents our determination to provide creative and dynamic education for children.

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