How to Make Science Fun When Homeschooling

How to Make Science Fun When Homeschooling

After last year’s A-level results, it was revealed that more boys and girls are studying science at a higher level. But, it is during Key Stage 1, 2 and 3, GCSE and A-level lessons that this love for science is born. If you have to homeschool your child, no matter the reasons, you need to make sure that science is still fun for them. Science is a core subject, so whether or not they want a career in this field, you still need to ensure that they enjoy their lessons and engage with the topics. Not only does this give them the knowledge they need for adult life, but it helps them to succeed in key exams.

Trying to teach your child biology, physics and chemistry yourself may be challenging. You might not have the knowledge or experience to ensure that they have a wide-ranging, in-depth understanding of the topics. And this isn’t something to be ashamed of. If you never continued education or a career in science after your GCSEs, it could be decades since you last studied this stuff yourself.

Here are a few ways you can make science more fun!

At-Home Experiments

One way you can make sure your child is having fun while learning science is to try at-home science experiments. We’re not saying get the bunsen burner out and start burning things, but rather take a look at the safe, small experiments you can do together to stimulate their curiosity.

All you have to do is Google ‘at-home science experiments for kids’ to see hundreds of different practicals you can do with your child. We recommend taking a look at this Good Housekeeping article for some of the best, and safest, you can try out. Make sure you always choose suitable clothing and an area of the house, as well as potentially practice any experiments yourself beforehand to make sure they are kid-safe.

Colourful Diagrams

Science can be confusing with formulas, facts, figures, and so much more to remember. Trying to consolidate all of this knowledge on paper and in our minds can be very hard. So, how can you make this process easier for your child while injecting fun into the process?

Making colour-coded notes and colourful diagrams is a sure way to make your child’s learning and revision easier. Encouraging them to review notes made in lesson time after school and rewrite them colourfully will help them organise all of the information they are learning. Even if they are short on study time, colour-coded notes allow them to review the essential information. Also, colourful notes capture attention quickly and can be very stimulating for visual learners. 

Furthermore, being able to draw images, diagrams and write notes in bright colours can help your child subconsciously learn while having fun. Writing notes and using colour can be therapeutic, and as they re-read what they need to write or copy, they are subconsciously taking in all of that information again.

Interactive Science Lessons

Despite the virtual nature of online homeschooling, safe practicals can still take place for our students to witness and learn from. Often, interactivity and experiments are vital for a child’s understanding of a concept or topic. And, as huge believers in creative learning, we always encourage teaching methods and lessons which allow students to see the impact of science visually. 

By being able to make our science lessons as interactive as possible, we ignite the curiosity in our students which make them engage with the subject more. We don’t want them to hate lessons because they just read out of a textbook, but rather be inquisitive and active learners. If you are interested in switching to online homeschooling, you can sit in on one of our science lessons and see how we tackle this tough subject creatively.

At Your Home Education, we have experienced, expert tutors who not only ensure your child has the knowledge they need to succeed, but provide fun, engaging activities. We can deliver virtual experiments and encourage curiosity so that our students are excited for their science lessons. 

Please take a look at our website to learn more about Your Home Education and our fantastic online science lessons. We are dedicated to providing fun, engaging and informative lessons which leave a lasting impact on our students. If you want to ensure your homeschooled child is still given the same scientific experiences as a traditionally taught child, then please take a look at our homeschooling services.

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