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The transition from primary education to secondary school can be a difficult and scary time for many students. Though your child may be hiding behind a mask of confidence, the shock of greater expectations, more challenging work and potentially a lack of friends can soon have an impact on their school work and mental health. 

Traditional schooling can be an excellent environment for many children, but also a negative experience for others too. Educational needs, bullying, lack of supportive teachers and a competitive atmosphere can lead to your child’s grades slipping. This shouldn’t be the only option your child has to try and gain the education they deserve.

At Your Home Education, we want to show parents that their child can receive a top-quality education across a wide range of subjects without sacrificing intellectual, emotional and social development. Our expert tutors are there to ensure your child feels confident when they first join our secondary programme right through to the end of their GCSEs. Creative lessons and interactive learning ensures topics are engaging, while after-school clubs guarantee this learning continues in a fun environment.

Preparing for GCSEs

GCSEs are the first set of exams your child will encounter that can cause them stress and concern. They have a significant impact on your child’s future, dictating what colleges, universities, jobs and apprenticeships they can go on to. Preparing your child for this massive part of their secondary education is vital to ensuring they don’t panic or lose focus.

Our experienced and supportive tutors ensure that students develop confidence in their intelligence with engaging lessons which help them retain vital information. Rather than making studying all about textbooks and note-making, we utilise creative learning to ignite their passion for learning.

Our online GCSE lessons provide your child with full-time GCSE classes in the subjects they choose, including access to summer school. This means they can continue to study as much as they want in summer with our ongoing support, something not offered in traditional schooling.

If you are interested in enrolling your child into our secondary or GCSE online classes, then please get in contact today. Everything we do is based around developing the confidence and knowledge of our students so that they approach their exams with a relaxed, ready-to-go attitude. Our online learning platform ensures your child learns where they most feel comfortable, whether this is a bedroom, office or living room.

With after-school clubs and the ability to interact with other students their age, they can still develop friendships which are vital to their educational success. 

Early Bird Plan GCSE

  • Full-time GCSE classes
  • Includes summer school
  • Valid for sign-ups before January 1st 2021
  • Continues at this price until cancelled

Early Bird Plan KS3

  • Full-time education for children aged 11-14
  • Includes summer school
  • Valid for sign-ups before January 1st 2021
  • Continues at this price until cancelled

Early Bird Plan A/As-Level

  • Full-time study for A-Level students.
  • Includes 3 A-Levels
  • Additional A-Levels are €50 per month
  • Valid for sign-ups before January 1st 2021

Homeschool Support

  • 15hrs of support per week
  • Maths, English and Science
  • Additional subjects available on request
  • Valid for sign-ups before January 1st 2021
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