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Whether you're a homeschooling mum who needs extra help or a parent who wants to enhance your child's education, we have after-school tuition options perfect for your needs!

Our after-school and weekend tuition makes it easy for your child to fit in the educational support they deserve during GCSE season.

GCSEs are some of the most important exams your child will take in their life. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see how stressed-out students can get in the run-up to those fateful few weeks of day-long examinations. And if your child already feels like they are behind on their studies, catching up combined with revision can be too much for them to handle alone.

Many students struggle with GCSE Mathematics and Science as there is so much information to remember and skills to be learnt. Students can become overwhelmed with the workload as they are expected to keep up with a standard which may be too high for them. Your Home Education understands that students learn at different paces; something important which should be considered even in the months leading up to exams.

At Your Home Education, our tuition packages ensure that not only does your child’s intellect develop, but their confidence in themselves too. If they believe they can achieve with the extra support and guidance, then it can make a huge difference when exams finally arrive.

What We Do

We offer GCSE tutoring in Mathematics and Science, which cover a breadth of topics to complement and enhance your child’s learning. This includes:


Our dedicated tutors cover a range of topics, including:

  • Structure and calculation
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages 
  • Algebra
  • Ratio
  • Geometry
  • Probability and statistics. 


We cover each of the sciences individually so that your child gains extensive knowledge across a range of topics, including:

  • Physics, with topics like conduction and convection, the life cycle of stars, the big bang, lenses, ultrasound and exploring sound waves.
  • Biology, with topics like cells, bacteria, photosynthesis, the nervous system, DNA, human evolution, ecosystems and Darwin’s theory.
  • Chemistry, with topics like states of matter, distillation, elements, ionic bonds, metals, acids, electrolysis and hydrocarbons.

The combination of creative activities, expert tutors and never-ending support ignites a passion for learning within your child. Our tutors aren’t here for the short-term achievements, but to have a long-lasting impact on your child’s education. They provide advice and tips which help with engagement in college lessons and even university degrees, making a real difference in your child’s life.


We understand that students can struggle with any subject. Children all have favourite subjects and topics, as well as ones that they struggle with. Your Home Education has other subjects available on-demand for tutoring.

We are happy to create a bespoke tutoring plan based on your child's needs, so don't hesitate to get in contact with us today.

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