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At Your Home Education, we pride ourselves on providing a unique educational experience for our pupils. Schooling should be about supporting the mental and intellectual growth of our children so they can develop into confident adults ready to face the world. With expert tutors and a professional online platform, we strive to do just this for all of our pupils.

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Arts and Humanities

Arts and humanities is a vital subject for young students, as these lessons help us understand others through their histories, cultures and landscapes. Lessons in arts and humanities encourage students to think creatively and ask questions about being human in the world around us.

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GCSE / A-Level

Business Studies

Your child could be a future CEO or top-level accountant if guided in the right direction. With a top-quality education and a school which motivates them to achieve greatness, your child can be set on the path to success.

A teenage boy programs a copter drone on a scratch. STEM education. Modern technology and gadgets.
Ks3 / GCSE

Computer Science

Computer science is the study of computation and information. It deals with the theory of computation, algorithms, computational problems and the design of computer systems hardware, software and applications. However, it can be a complicated lesson for students who don’t feel engaged with the topics.
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GCSE / A-Level


Economics is the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption and transfer of wealth. It is a vital part of education for students who wish to understand more about finance and how it works, locally and around the world, as well as develop vital problem-solving skills.
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Ks3 / GCSE


English is an essential subject for every student of any age. The vital skills gained from analysing literature and exploring language set up students for the future, no matter what career or industry they wish to enter. 

Ks3 / GCSE


Understanding and speaking a different language can be very beneficial for your child in the future. Many jobs see the pros of hiring workers who can interact with international clients or business associates. This can make it easier for them to climb the career ladder.

Asian girl student wear wireless headphone study online with video call teacher, Happy young girl learn english language listen lecture watch write notes look at laptop at home.Covid-19 coronavirus.
Ks3 / GCSE / A-Level


Understanding mathematics is vital for every child. In every stage of life, we use mathematics daily, whether that is budgeting at home, or completing projects at work. Accountants, scientists and engineers are just some of the jobs you child could enter.

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This is a vital part of a student’s education as it allows them to study topics of social importance which prepare them for adult life. It’s beneficial knowing the history of countries, how to analyse literature and complete complex calculations.

African american boy students learning and doing a chemical experiment and holding test tube in hands in science class on the table.Education concept
Ks3 / GCSE / A-Level


Science – a core subject which is both difficult and interesting. For students, it’s either a favourite subject or one they dread. At Your Home Education, we want all of our students to love science and be excited about every live lesson.

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