The Importance of Learning Languages

The Importance of Learning Languages

Did you know that 4.85% of Earth’s population speaks Spanish? This might seem like a small percentage, but it’s actually a more commonly spoken language than English! This is just one statistic that shows the importance of learning a new language to help further your child’s future career and open more doors throughout their life. Learning a new language can help them to make new friends or feel comfortable in a new country.

Various studies have shown that it can be easier for children to learn a second language when they are younger. These language lessons also instil problem-solving skills and help them to connect with other cultures, making them more open-minded and tolerant of diversity. There are many benefits to learning a new language, but when thinking about your child’s future, being bilingual can be an incredible asset.

Please keep reading to learn more about Your Home Education and how we can support your child’s desire to learn a new language. Our French and Spanish lessons ensure our students always feel confident and capable, never letting the fear of the unknown interfere with their ability to learn. Understanding, speaking, reading and writing a new language can help prepare your child for anything, so providing them with experienced, dedicated tutors is vital for their success.

Travel With Ease

Does your child want to travel the world to gain cultural experience? Or perhaps the career your child is interested in could include regular travel across Europe or even the world? Maybe you need to visit different countries for work and want to make it easier for your child to make new friends? When we travel, often one of the first things we purchase (besides suntan lotion or a coat depending on the location) is a pocket dictionary. These provide us with the key words (sandwich, toilet, hello) and phrases (how much for a taxi, where is the embassy, etc.) we need to converse with the locals.

For your child, you can make travelling much easier by encouraging them to learn languages early on in their education. At Your Home Education, we offer both French and Spanish lessons from Key Stage 1 to A-level. This ensures your child can continue to learn a new language throughout their childhood, embedding the knowledge in their mind. After their years of education, they can then go on to travel for further education, to enhance their career or just to benefit from the increased confidence that being bilingual brings.

Further Their Career

Understanding a second language can be incredibly beneficial for your child’s career. Many industries prefer to hire people who can speak multiple languages, as this enables them to travel with ease or communicate with overseas clients. Banking, tech companies, government positions, lecturing, travel agencies and so much more are all potential options for people who can speak two languages.

Taking the time to invest in your child’s future now by signing them up to language lessons ensures that they have much more potential when climbing their career ladder. With more skills, knowledge and experience related to languages and communicating with clients, partners or customers, your child could be better suited for promotions than their competitors. We understand the importance of preparing children for adult life. We have dedicated, experienced tutors and use unique teaching methods to make sure our students feel comfortable and confident in their education.

Gain More Opportunities

Learning a new language not only helps your child find new work opportunities but can help them further their personal life too. Perhaps you are looking to relocate with your family and know that your child would benefit from learning the local language. Being able to speak to fellow children will help them integrate better, increasing their socialisation and confidence in this new place.

By understanding a new language, your child can become more comfortable in their new setting and adapt quicker. They can spend less time trying to understand others around them, comprehend traditions and actions, and instead be able to recognise opportunities. These could be work opportunities, educational opportunities or even personal ones – they can make lasting friendships, relationships and acquaintances without any language barriers.

Please take a look at our website to learn more about the outstanding homeschooling service we can provide for your children. With supportive, experienced and hard-working tutors and our unique teaching methods, we are able to create engaging, fun lessons that leave a lasting impact on your child.

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