Why GCSEs Are Important For Every Student

Why GCSEs Are Important For Every Student

As a parent, you may remember the horrors of your GCSE exams and feel nervous for your children. But, as much as we resented this period of our education, we also understood the importance of trying our best and gaining these qualifications. GCSEs set us up for the rest of our lives, allowing us to go on to good colleges and universities or enter apprenticeships and start working as soon as we leave high school.

But the exam period can be a stressful time for many students, and without the right support and guidance, students can crumble under pressure. At Your Home Education, we strive to provide our students with the outstanding, dedicated support they need to feel prepared for their exams. Our unique teaching methods and creative tutoring ensure that your child understands the importance of their GCSEs and approaches learning with an excited but prepared mindset.

Future Education

GCSEs are the first significant group of exams and assignments a student will take, and they are essential for their future. However, a 2019 ReachOut survey concluded that one in ten students suffer from severe stress during the exam period. The pressure placed on them by parents and teachers can be so overwhelming it can even lead to mental health issues like depression or anxiety. And, while you want your child to do the best they can, the traditional school system isn’t always as supportive as it should be.

GCSEs ensure your child enters a great college, apprenticeship or university, and they are vital for furthering their education and allowing them to enter the career field of their choice. So how can you keep your child engaged in their studies without watching them burn out? At Your Home Education, we understand how vital it is that your child works hard and achieves good grades in their GCSEs while remaining confident and calm. To help support them, we adopt creative learning methods so that students are excited to learn and retain information better. This all leads to more successful GCSE exams, and from that, a brighter outlook for their future.

Applying for Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are school leaver schemes designed for young adults aged 16 or above ready to start developing the knowledge and skills needed for their chosen career. They are a combination of real work and academic study, allowing students to receive on-the-job training to work towards nationally certified qualifications.

Not every child will want to further their education at a traditional college or university, and nor should they have to if they can achieve the career they want from an apprenticeship. However, GCSEs are still needed to ensure their placement on an apprenticeship scheme. Apprenticeships used to be associated solely with trade industries, but more recently, a wide range of industries offer apprenticeships across the whole of the UK like business, banking and law

If your child is interested in an apprenticeship, you need to remind them that gaining their GCSEs is still important. If they need extra support or aren’t engaging well in their lessons, why not consider online tutoring? At Your Home Education, we are dedicated to supporting every type of student to prepare for their GCSEs. We understand how important these are for securing apprenticeships which can lead to life-long careers. 

International Students

GCSEs aren’t just crucial for UK students, but for international students looking to further their education and career in the UK. Having UK qualifications makes it easier to enrol at a UK college or apprenticeship, and it makes life in this new country simpler too as they are confident English speakers.

There are many reasons why families may want to migrate to the UK. Some families may be returning after spending years in foreign countries because of job opportunities or family commitments. Other parents may be moving to the UK for the first time for work, or because it presents better opportunities for their children. With us, your children can prepare for their GCSE exams from anywhere in the world. Covid-19 has put a halt to thousands of people’s plans, but it doesn’t have to stop your child from shifting to a UK education.

Please check out our website to learn what we can do to support your child’s GCSE studies. As GCSEs are probably the first huge set of exams your child will face, the stress this can place on students is overwhelming, but with the support of our dedicated tutors, GCSE lessons can be fun, motivational and effective in preparing your child for their exams.

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